Our Impact

Now that you’ve read our story, here are some photos of our volunteering work. We hope that this shows you how excited the children are to learn.

Our fundraising work and the contributions of incredibly kind donors over the past couple of years came to fruition in November when we started putting down the first bricks for our school. We are grateful to have the support of Eunice, the manager of Ngerende Island Lodge, to coordinate the project on-site and ensure the local craftsmen and community are fully engaged. The local village has been involved from day one, with the children greeting the builders as they arrived with materials and their parents carrying materials from the Lodge to the school. Fortunately, we’ve been able to build on existing foundations, which were made possible by funds from Ngrende Island Lodge. It is such a joy to see the excitement of the community around the school and the prospects it will bring!

Once the building is complete, the central focus will be to sustain funding in order to maintain the infrastructure, pay salaries for the teachers, and buy books and other important items to enable to school to thrive. We hope that the school will improve the children of Enkerende’s education, and also allow the community as a whole to develop.